Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bloomsbury Project goes live

The Bloomsbury Project, of which this blog has been a feature, has now been completed after three years research, and the website has been launched.

The project was established to investigate 19th-century Bloomsbury's development from swampy rubbish-dump to centre of intellectual life. The project has traced the origins, locations, and reforming significance of hundreds of progressive and innovative institutions. Many of the extensive archival resources relating to these institutions have also been identified and examined, and Bloomsbury’s developing streets and squares have been mapped and described.

While all this was going on in the academic realms of UCL, the Bloomsbury People blog set out to find information about the 'ordinary' people who lived and worked in the area. In fact, most of the people featured were very far from 'ordinary' and it has been a pleasure to correspond with their descendants who have so enthusiastically shared these Bloomsbury lives. This blog is now closing but I hope that anyone finding it in the future will be able to learn something new about the area, most especially from the online resource.