Thursday, 3 June 2010

The servant, the doctor, and the British Museum

Thanks to Stephen Pewsey at the British Museum who has been able to identify the houses in which lived Jayne Hyslop's x3 grandmother, Sarah Green, a servant, and Dr Henry Shuckburgh Roots, who lived next door and who assisted at one of the first ever plastic surgery operations.

Stephen says: 'I had a look at your very interesting Bloomsbury People blog, which I came across by accident as I was researching the history of 42-43 Russell Square, now part of the British Museum, for an in-house newsletter.

I was trying to track down information on Henry Shuckburgh Roots, who lived at 42 Russell Square in the 1830s and 1840s, and googling his name gave a link to your blog. I think I can help on the exact address of Sarah Green, the domestic servant. According to the 1844 list of members of the Royal College of Physicians, Dr Roots lived at 42 Russell Square. According to the 1841 Post Office Directory for London, No. 43 was occupied by James Christian Clement Bell, so John Foster’s house where Sarah Green lived must have been No. 41.

Hope that helps!'
The top photograph (taken by me today at 12.30) shows No. 41, the home of the Foster family. I captured the scene just as a group of tourists were wandering by although I''m not sure what they are pointing at. The photograph below shows Nos. 41 (on the right) and 42. The Russell Square street sign is just visible on the left of the picture.